Why are horses good for therapy?

kachina's place - zoe hugging jasmineHorses social beings whose herd dynamics are similar to the human family system.

Being prey animals, horses have a keen awareness of and sensitivity to their surroundings.  This allows them to recognize and interpret body language and emotions of other beings.

They are powerful messengers in that they mirror back the attitudes and behaviors of humans without judgment or biases.

They give immediate honest feedback about our interpersonal skills. Herd dynamics dictate how clear, confident, aware, and trustworthy we are.

The Horses of Kachina’s Place

The heart of any equine therapy is of course the horse, and ours are superstars.  They are reliable and trusting, healthy and happy, trained and experienced.  They are gentle and patient and instinctively seem to know that those we serve need special care.

We have three miniature horses, one pony, and seven full size horses.  The benefit to having this variety is that there is a horse for every size person, and we are able to choose the horse and activity best suited to each participant.  It also means that no individual horse is overused or overworked.



Adrianna is the little white miniature horse who started it all. She was born in Iowa on April 28, 2005 and was bred and raised to be a carriage driving champion  – which she achieved at three years old. She came to Phoenix for…

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In June of 2010 our founder, Linda Borman, was alerted that some miniature horses were being kept in squalid conditions.  When she arrived at the site Chocolate Kiss was the only one remaining.  Linda got her…

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Baby Kiss jumping for joyAdam

Adam Midnight Kiss, the son of Chocolate Kiss was born at midnight on September 27, 2010.  He was a fiery ball of energy from the beginning – running, jumping, twirling, and twisting.  He is very agile and…

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Candy is an adorable brown and white painted pony with a beautiful flowing blond mane.  She is consistently cool, calm and collected – nothing ruffles her fur.  She was raised on an Amish farm in Ohio and pulled the…

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Jasmine, born in 2007, is a Gary quarter horse mare.  She is like a big cuddly dog and loves to play.  She is very affectionate and is as eager to give hugs and kisses as she is to receive them.  She loves to be brushed not only…

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Joey is a bay Arabian gelding, born in 2007. He is the self-appointed guardian and protector of the mini horses, and this love and protectiveness for the little ones applies to children also.  He loves kids and is extra…

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Kula, born in 2012, is a black and white paint mare.  She is very gentle and loving and so happy to be here at Kachina’s Place.  When she first arrived she was so undernourished her ribs were showing through, but….

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Nadia is a bay quarter horse and Thoroughbred mare, born in 2009.  She loves babies and children and is eager to teach her friends to ride. Nadia has known pain and sorrow and loss in her life, but through it all…

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Ruby is a bay Thoroughbred mare, born in 2002, rescued from the racing world.  She is by no means lazy – she just didn’t like to run in a race when someone told her to.  But she loves her work here at….

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