Goals will be adapted to specific needs and abilities

Joe riding JasmineOur overall goal at Kachina’s Place is to provide a safe environment where participants are given the opportunity to experiment, problem-solve, take risks, employ creativity, and ultimately find solutions that end up not only helping in their relationships with the horses, but in all area of their lives.

Therapeutic Riding and Carriage Driving

To improve sensory and motor skills for coordination, balance, and posture
To teach the rider or driver to control the direction and speed of the horse
To build confidence
To foster horsemanship skills

Ground Work

To teach life skills such as accountability and responsibility
To promote an emotional bond between the horse and the participant
To provide fun and creative activities
To educate about horse anatomy and behavior
To process and discuss feelings, behaviors, and patterns and to apply the results to real life situations

Transporting Miniature Horses

To provide comfort and delight to the elderly and infirm
To improve communication skills by stimulating conversation
To foster stronger connections to the outside world and other people
To enhance physical and emotional well-being
To provide opportunities for motivational, educational, and/or recreational benefit