Jill Pearns



Jill Pearns, is a Special Education Consultant/Advocate who has been positively collaborating with school teams across Arizona for over 25 years.  It is her passion to improve educational programs for children and young adults with disabilities. Believing that all children and adults can enjoy success, Jill helps teams produce strength-based plans that have effective methodology and realistic but challenging, expectations and goals.

As a parent of three boys, including a son with Down syndrome and a son who has ADHD, Jill has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to raise a child with a disability.  In addition she grew up with a brother who had Autism.

In her role as a Special Education Consultant, Jill is hired by parents to attend IEP and 504 meetings for children who have all aspects of developmental delays. With her vast experience and knowledge, she is also called upon to provide workshops on special education related topics that cover preschool to post transition, to professionals and various disability support groups. In addition, for over 8 years, Jill has been running a successful social skills group that serves adults with intellectual disabilities who have transitioned out of high school.  In this setting, she has developed practical strategies and solutions to encourage continued growth in life as well as social skills.

Jill believes it is critical to provide those who have intellectual and/or disabilities a myriad of opportunities, as well as “real life” experiences. She also believes it is best for the participant when they can learn in a natural setting.  Jill is honored to support  Kachina’s Place because she believes it  is a venue that provides a safe natural environment, where participants are given the opportunity to experiment, problem-solve, take risks, employ creativity, and ultimately find solutions that end up not only helping in their relationships with the horses, but in all area of their lives.

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