AdriannaAdrianna is the little white miniature horse who started it all.

Because of her elegant prancing we call her our princess.

She was born in Iowa on April 28, 2005 and was bred and raised to be a carriage driving champion  – which she achieved at three years old.  She came to Phoenix for a show and caught the eye of a potential buyer. While waiting for the sale to be finalized her owner left her in the care of a trainer who coached her to be a therapy horse.  The founder of Kachina’s Place, Linda Borman, crossed paths with her in an equine therapy program. When the sale fell through and Adrianna was going to be returned to Iowa, Linda bought her so she could continue her career as a therapy horse.  And that is how the dream of a nonprofit equine therapy program began.

Since Adrianna is pure white she is the perfect blank canvas for participants to fill with creative expression.  She loves to be hugged and stroked so the painting sessions are good for her too.  She is very patient which also makes her a very good cart driving teacher.

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