Kachina’s Place is where humans and horses can interact in an empathetic, educational, and fun manner. Our primary purpose is to provide enrichment opportunities, encouraging authenticity.

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Kachina’s Place is located at 28437 N 58th St. in Cave Creek, Arizona. In addition to the stalls and turnouts for our horses, we also have a covered round pen and two arenas. There is also a charming clubhouse with a large covered patio that can be used for events, meetings, classes, cooking, art projects and more. Additionally, we have a grassy area with a fountain perfect for yoga and other activities.

We are a family-friendly facility. Family members are welcome to come watch the sessions, relax and join Kachina’s Place in action!

Why horses?

By nature, horses are prey animals.  Horses have an instinctive, keen sense of smell, hearing and body awareness. They are fully present, highly alert and sensitive to stimuli in their environment.

Horses are herd animals and have a clear social structure. Horses are always analyzing the behavior of others. Yet different that humans, horses are completely authentic and lack judgement or agenda Horses have a unique way of communicating through use of body language. They give honest immediate feedback based on the actions and body language presented. These majestic animals are powerful messengers about who we are, and how we relate to others and ourselves.

We encourage social and behavioral development with the horse and support the same skills be applied to human relationships.

kachinsa place - hugging adriannaWe offer the following services:

Therapeutic Riding (PATH)
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning (EAGALA)
Therapeutic Carriage Driving
Equine Assisted Programs for Veterans
Corporate, Team Building & Leadership Programs
Volunteer Opportunities

The benefit of the activities we offer

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Our overall goal at Kachina’s Place is to provide a safe environment where participants learn ways to enrich all areas of their lives.


Why horses?

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The heart of any equine therapy is the horse, of course!


Learn about Kachina’s Place personnel

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It takes a village! Learn more about our team


So what is Kachina’s Place?

A place for LearningA place for FunA place for ConnectionA place for Confidence